Meeting St. Germain

  1. Author: Wesley Adam Thomas
  2. Size: 5" x 8"
  3. No. Pages: 111
  4. Published: December 10, 2013

“Life is growth through experience,” Saint Germain reminds us. In this compilation of transmissions of the ascended master known as Saint Germain – or “G” to many who have experienced this sage – Wesley Adam Thomas shares intimate commentaries related to his personal journey as well as guidance from G on common life challenges including “Relationships,” “Gain and Loss,” “Thankfulness,” “Addiction,” “Money,” “Balance,” “Personal Devastations,” “Fear,” and “Your Life Mission.”

With gentleness and compassion, Meeting Saint Germain encourages each of us to accept challenges as we develop a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. The book contains commentaries and guidance on many topics, for example…

Finding the peace within:

Today, I speak of a certain kind of peace.
It levels the turbulent currents, slows the flow,
and deepens the river’s channel.

 Deep waters, low and slow, found a peaceful surface.
So use meditation to dive within yourselves.
Splash through the roiling surface,
then go down to the quiet waters.

The promise of Saint Germain:

 I live in service to God.
It is the path down which I carry my lamp.
Should any wish to follow,
I will pause and light the ground before them,
and as they move forward,
so will my light.

 The power of prayer:

A prayer is an appeal, a beseeching, a noble wish
for the realization of one’s highest intentions,
an articulation of one’s finest desires
in hopes of manifesting them.

The angels themselves cannot dismiss prayer.
They must respond.
Demons cringe, impotent in the presence of prayer.
They must defer.

Finding God within:

Imagine a great sun
with countless rays projecting outward,
every person the advancing point of their own ray.
The true purpose of human life
is to discover this internal divinity
and project it into the world of form.

The Violet Flame:

The Flame is real, not a metaphor.
Seek it in your meditations.
Let it blaze from uplifted palms and the third eye,
a violet triangle embracing the heart.

Ascension and the Golden Age:

Ascension is a raised consciousness.
The harvest has come,
and those able to rise
will ascend with Earth to the 5
th dimension,
enjoying greater spiritual achievements
in a New Golden Age.

About the Author:

Although initially reluctant to see himself as a worthy channel for the magnificent Saint Germain, Wesley Adam Thomas over a period of years was enticed by the gently persistent relationship of scribe and master. The pages that resulted are lyrical and inspiring, at the same time grounded and practical, addressing the everyday dilemmas and challenges of ordinary persons on the path of ascension. In fact, Wesley was not new to channeling, having recorded messages from his Lemurian guides as early as 2002. That experience introduced him to the Violet Flame and drew him eventually to spend extended time on Mount Shasta, where these transmissions were born. Wesley is a father, a teacher, a musician, and a writer whose hope is that this book will inspire a fresh audience and expand awareness of the coming era of peace.



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